“Penny wise, pound foolish”

A customer mentioned the cost of Plaster Magic to me.

My Response:

Being from Rural New England thrift comes second nature to me.”

With historic house you must time long term. Plaster is a multi-generational material so let’s fix right the first time.
OK, your plaster has spent 100 years getting to its current condition, likely 100 years of deferred maintenance. Of course it will take time and money to roll back those years. But the cost divided out over those 100 years becomes very inexpensive.

Yes I could make Plaster Magic much less expensive. Making Plaster Magic with high quality adhesive components of the stickiest kind and developing a conditioner that penetrates and consolidates the dust and debris found within the plaster/lath cavity costs money or I could have added basically dust to become cheap like the other manufacturers.

These are the before and after images of water leak damage. The plaster was falling down. Many would have suggested an expensive rip down and replace. Talk about expensive!

Using the Plaster Magic method to repair plaster takes half the time and repairs it forever. Half the time! half the mess! Half the cost! WHEN YOU DO IT YOURSELF, EVEN LESS MONEY!!!

I wanted to make the best possible product that would deliver as promised, backed by my 35 years of experience repairing historic plaster.
I didn’t just puzzle this out last weekend. There is are important reasons for the choices that went into the methods and materials of Plaster Magic.

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