Regardless of your plaster repair project’s need we will deliver to you the best quality production with techniques developed through thirty years of experience in the most demanding of client enviroments. All we do is repair plaster, 1940’s and earlier. Additionally, we will come in and train your crew or contractor to repair the plaster in a manner consistent with long term results. We are not plasterers that suggest removing the original plaster and replacing it with a plaster designed for modern buildings. We are not drywall tapers that apply joint tape to cracks with joint compound leaving bumps on the wall. All we do is repair plaster. That is why we are better than others that insist on treating plaster in need of repair a not worth bothering with or treating it like another drywall tape job. Remember your existing plaster is better than any replacement. To remove it removes value. The greenest plaster is the material that is already installed.

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