Why Plaster Magic Conditioner is so important!

Most of our customers are tackling repairs that are a result of 100 years of deferred maintenance. In many ways this is a testament to the skill of the original craftsmen, the materials they used and the solidity of the existing architecture that has lasted this long.
With Plaster Magic you are buying a product based on over thirty five years of my experience repairing plaster in some of the most significant historic houses in the country. This is not a remove and replace product.
Not only does the technique and materials satisfy conservation and preservation qualifications but it is the most cost effective method of repair by being the ONLY product that actually fixes what’s wrong with the plaster. Being a Vermont Yankee, thrift means a lot to me.
Manipulating materials found on the hardware shelf (excepting Plaster Magic) to look like they might work, well you might save a few bucks, but isn’t a recipe for success.
Using a diluted plaster bonding agent, wood glue, white glue, Elmer’s, etc. (PVA) instead of Plaster Magic Conditioner will do two things. First, it will void the warrantee covered by the white glue which doesn’t cover dilution. Second, it won’t consolidate the dust and debris on the interior plaster surface or lath. It will just sit on the surface, clinging to the dust and eventually peel away. Third, being chemically related to Plaster Magic Adhesive, the Plaster Magic Conditioner is designed to work in conjunction and bond    with our Plaster Magic Adhesive and using anything else in place of the Plaster Magic Conditioner not only won’t work but voids our warrantee as well.

Step one: Drill holes to access space between the plaster and lath. (that’s where the problems start!)

Step two: Inject or spray Plaster Magic Conditioner into the holes consolidating the plaster and lath.

Step three: Inject the Plaster Magic Adhesive into the conditioned holes. Its a good sign when it comes out the crack.

Step four: Clamp the plaster to within 3/16″ of the lath. Remove screws and washers after a minimum of 24 hours.

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