Why Use Big Wally’s Plaster Magic?

The answer is straight forward.

Big Wally’s Plaster Magic takes half the time to achieve equal results.

Why does Big Wally’s Plaster Magic take half the time?

  1. You don’t have any screws and washers to cover up.
  2. You don’t rake out any cracks. (HINT: This actually weakens the plaster by ripping the plaster fibers.)
  3. You don’t apply or have any mesh tape to cover up.
  4. You don’t need any trowel skills.

Can you use a drill?
Can you use a vacuum cleaner?
Can you use a spray bottle?
Can you use a caulk gun?
Can you use a screw driver?
Can you use a putty knife?
Can you use a damp sponge?

If you can use these tools then you can repair your plaster in half the time it takes anyone using conventional methods.

How does Big Wally’s Plaster Magic work?

Big Wally’s Plaster Magic glues the plaster onto the lath reestablishing its attachment. The lath bridges the crack from behind, “welding” the crack together. This prevents the crack from opening up EVER!

After the plaster is glued to the lath nothing needs to be applied to the surface of the plaster, just fill in the holes and cracks with joint compound.

It’s that simple.

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